The Heinrichs

I love the Heinrichs... for reals.  Angie is my best friend, and she and her husband Peter are two of the nicest people I've ever known.  So, it's always a treat for me when they come into the studio.  Their sons, Aidan and Zane, have literally grown up in front of my camera.  I photographed Aidan for the first time when he was just a few days old, and was honored to be asked to photograph Zane's birth.  I find it amazing that they are such big boys now!!

Here are some of my favorite pics from our session on Sunday


Sneak Peak From Today's Maternity Session

I love a good maternity/toddler session.  There is nothing cuter in my opinion.

 I have to say, little Lucy here kind of stole the show!!  She is so adorable, and so fun to work with!  Her mom is pretty adorable too!  I could have worked with the two of them all day.

 Here is a little sneak peak from the session.

..... and any one who can look this good in maternity pants deserves some props!!

Hold Everything!!!

Is it just me, or does time speed up the moment you become a parent?  I seriously feel like my boys were just born, and then, all the sudden, I find myself sitting on my sofa, talking with my neighbor about sending them off to kindergarten!!

I remember when they were first born feeling so overwhelmed.  The twin thing really threw me for a loop.    I remember someone saying to me "the days are long, but the years are short".  So TRUE!!!   I tell you, I would love nothing more than to have those little babies back for just a moment.

I will say, that I have completely enjoyed my time with them so far.  They are amazing little people and make my life better every day!!

So, please indulge me here, while I take a little stroll down memory lane :)

This picture on the left was taken by the super talented Della Chen.  I love it.  And I'm sad to say, that it is one of the only pictures that I have of myself with the boys when they were babies.  The cobbler's kids have no shoes I guess.

Six day old Dexter :)     
Harvey was only 4lbs when he was born and could fit in the palm of my hand.  He was one tiny little thing!!

At a year and a half, Harvey loved this big bird stuffed animal.

 Dexter went through a pretty bad biting phase.  Our friend bought him this book, and he loved it!  He used to read it all the time.

Here they are on their fourth birthday.  They'll be five in May.  Crazy!!!

Congratulations Matthew and Kana

I just returned from this beautiful wedding in Spokane, and couldn't wait to get to my computer to share these images with you!!!

Matthew and Kana were married at the historic Patsy Clark Mansion in Spokane's Browns Addition neighborhood. 

For the ceremony, Kana wore a traditional Kimono that had been picked out for her by her mother and father back in Japan before her father passed away.

She changed into an adorable little cocktail dress for the reception, but the guests continued to be treated to other Japanese traditions.  The buffet included a wide verity of sushi, and toasts were made with sake, as well as champagne.  Little bottles of sake and sake cups were given to each guest as a wedding favor.

I honestly could go on and on about this wedding.  It was filled with so much love and every one was so kind... but I'll turn it over to the pictures to tell the story.

Maternity/Newborn Package

I actually took these photos a little while ago (or as my son Dexter says "a couple whiles ago")... but my lovely assistant Lily was going through files on Monday and came across these beautiful images of Aime.  We both loved them, and thought you would too. :)

Aime came in for both a maternity and a newborn session.  She was great fun to work with, and her children, as you can see, are just beautiful!

Congratulations Heidi and John!

Well, I had the great pleasure of spending my morning out at Evergreen Hospital, where I met the super adorable Caleb Marsh!  Isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen!!!

I just don't think there is anything in the world better than a newborn baby!!!

Happy Birthday little man!

For Valentine's Day

I don't shoot boudoir photography (for that I refer to the ultra talented Christina Mallet of Katrinka's Secret).   But every once in a while, I'll get a client who wants to do something more sculptural than what a what a traditional boudoir session would be... and for that, I'm always onboard.

These are a few photos from one such session.  I love these images, and, because they are a little bit saucy, I thought I'd post them now, for Valentines Day!